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My Morning Yoga

My Morning Yoga

Getting up early for a workout can be challenging. We all live such busy lives, and we oftentimes place self care last on the list. It took me years to learn this, but I’ve found that nothing has a bigger impact on my wellbeing than taking time in the morning for movement and reflection. I do this through my daily yoga practice. 

Morning yoga wakes up the body in the gentlest way. It improves flexibility and balance, while also providing a great workout that engages abs, arms, legs and booty. But my favorite part about practicing yoga is the mental benefit. Time on my mat makes me feel centered, grounded and ready to take on the day ahead. 

The next part of my morning ritual? 

Fueling my body with the nutrients it needs to feel energized and balanced all morning long. I do this with Perfect Fit — a clean, organic, and plant-based source of complete protein I created with Katrina. It tastes wonderful, and with the on-the-go packets, it’s simple to toss them in my bag when I head to my local yoga studio. 

A beautiful morning yoga flow followed by a Perfect Fit smoothie help me start my day off right. 

Xxo, Your Trainer,