Perfect Fit Perfect Fit

Organic Pea Protein

Pea Protein is made from organic Canadian yellow peas, a delicious and easily digestible plant-based protein source. Pea Protein requires fewer resources to make, and is more sustainable when compared to animal proteins like whey. As an added bonus, our organic pea protein has an extremely small particle size which leads to silky shakes and smoothies. Talk about a winner!!

Organic pumpkin seed protein

We LOVE pumpkin! Organic pumpkin seed protein powder is high in magnesium, an important mineral for proper heart, muscle, and kidney function as well as energy production and metabolism. It’s an all natural, vegan source of protein and completely cholesterol free. Pumpkin seed protein is also a great source of insoluble fiber which promotes digestive health and helps you feel full between meals!

organic guar gum

Organic Guar Gum is what makes the new Perfect Fit smooth and creamy! It is a seed from the guar plant, and it’s naturally very high in fiber, meaning it keeps you feeling full between meals and helps curb cravings. The fiber in guar gum aids in regulating digestive function, helps lower blood cholesterol levels, and increases the beneficial bacteria in your tummy.

Sea salt

Let the sea set you free! Sea salt is produced by evaporating salt water from the ocean or saltwater lakes, leaving behind salt crystals naturally high in electrolytes, trace minerals and elements like potassium, iron and zinc.

organic vanilla

Natural vanilla beans are the fruit pods from the orchid. Small amounts of trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron and zinc are also found in vanilla. Our Vanilla Perfect Fit is sweet and delicious!

organic cacao

Cacao comes from cacao beans, which are seeds from the cacao tree! Cacao is extremely high in skin & body loving antioxidants, making cacao one of our FAVORITE superfoods! Cacao is not heat-treated or alkalized like cocoa and it’s the purest form of chocolate. Our Chocolate Perfect Fit is rich, decadent and ultra chocolatey!

Monk fruit extract

Monk fruit is a melon that grows in the mountains of China. The extract is naturally sweet, without added sugar or calories. It’s about 200 times sweeter than table sugar, getting its sweet flavor from the high antioxidants present in the fruit. It’s gluten free & simply delicious without the guilt! Monk fruit is Non-GMO and the extraction requires no artificial chemicals Packed with antioxidants
A natural, zero calorie alternative to sugar, stevia and xylitol that’s made from real fruit