Our Story

More than five years ago, Karena and I had the idea of creating a plant-based protein made specifically for all of you. We couldn’t find a clean, honest protein to recommend, so we designed our own, Perfect Fit! Our formulation and philosophy revolve around simple and clean principles: high quality, wholesome ingredients without compromise.

After launching in 2012, it grew faster than we ever anticipated! This community has shared hundreds of thousands of Perfect Fit pancakes and waffles… and more smoothies than we can count. It has been so exciting to see Perfect Fit become a staple in all of your healthy, active lifestyles!

We are always striving to improve and evolve in order to provide this community with the best of the best. It’s what inspires us! Our easily digestible, innovative organic pea and pumpkin seed protein blend is made with nutritious ingredients to help improve energy,
wellness, health and vitality. Pea Protein is rich in arginine, lysine, phenylalanine and essential amino acids to aid in muscle recovery. Pumpkin Seed Protein includes omega fatty acids and a delicious smooth taste!

Just add it to smoothies, almond milk, substitute it for flour in any recipe, and even make mouthwatering protein pancakes. It is one of our favorites after our morning Booty Call to help our body recover! Nourish your beautiful body from the inside out with plant-powered Perfect Fit Protein!

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